Borderlands 2 Rare Skin | "The All-Seeing Eye" Siren Pure White Skin

27 мая 2013 404 00:59
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Co-Op Partner:X-902-TurTle-XSkin - The All Seeing Eye - Caustic CavernsHead - Til Death Do Us Part - Henry The StalkerMy PSN: Andy_Man656Looking for a Launcher called NorfleetLooking for Two grenade mods called Storm Front and Rolling ThunderLooking for a Sniper Rifle called White DeathLooking for a shield called NeoGeneratorIf you have any of those I'll definitely make it worth your time.Eridian Weapons Part One:Weapons Part Two:Weapons:Weapons: www.X902Clan.webs.comFacebook: ONLY!!!

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