Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - How to Download/Install Sa-Mp 0.3x

28 марта 2013 275 02:28
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IMPORTANT MESSAGE!: You must have GTA San Andreas V 1.0 To install SA-MP! Just find your install location and when the install button isn't grey anymore, you're good to go.AND STEAM VERSION DOESN'T WORK!----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-----------------How to Download/Install GTA SA:MP for PC----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-----------------Sa-Mp Download, Download start auto (Don't care about YouTubes warning, the link is safe): I'm showing you how to download-Install the Sa-Mp Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Don't Ask for a GTA Download because I used a Disc!If it dosen't work message me or leave a comment.Dubsteps: By a mixer program i have forgotten the name of :(

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